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Since I don't paint plein-aire or use photographs for reference, my landscape scenes come from my head, my hand and my heart. There might actually be places as depicted in my paintings and if they remind you of locations you know, that is fine with me. While I used some acrylic pigments and watercolor in the first four paintings, the last two are watercolor.

                                    Evening Glow                                                              Turbulent Sea                                                                      Wishing Tree

                                                        Image: 18" x 21"                                                                                                     Image: 8.5" x 11"                                                                                                               Image: 14" x 14"


                                        Sunset                                                                      High Country                                                                   Woodland Winter

                                     Image: 20" x 26"                                                                                                      Image: 15" x 22"                                                                                                               Image: 22" x 22"

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