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Southwestern Gallery

As a child, I traveled with my family to visit Native American Ruins in Utah, Colorado and New  Mexico. My childhood memories and feelings have been revisited in these paintings.

                Creature Continuum                                   Navajo Family                                         Navajo Tasks                                     Creature Connections

                            Image:22" x 30"                                                                        Image: 22" x 15"                                                                     Image: 15" x 22"                                                                       Image: 30" x 22"


              Storm                               Ties to the Land                                    Spirit of the Southwest                                   Southwestern Energy

            Image: 26.5" x 19.5"                                           Image: 22" x 15"                                                                           Image: 22" x 30"                                                                                       Image: 22" x 30"

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